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By the International Academic agreement signed between the Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza de Amazonas and the Faculty of Animal Science and Food Engineering of the University of Sao Paulo - USP in Brazil, the student of the Master in Animal Production, Eng. Yander Mávila Briceño Mendoza carried out, on 04 to 15 September, the academic exchange of research at the University of São Paulo.

Student is attending the fourth semester in the Graduate School of the UNTRM, thanks to the scholarship granted by the agreement established between CIENCIACTIVA-FONDECYT-UNTRM.

The academic exchange allowed the student to expand and explore other fields of study and establish research circles that will allow it to culminate his research work in cryopreservation of germplasm. During his stay in the USP, Briceño Mendoza visited to Goat, Equine, Swine and Bovine Production Centers; also the Morphology-Molecular Physiology and Development Laboratories.

"This is a great opportunity that gives me the Scholarship and the UNTRM, because I have had an exchange of knowledge in analysis and cryopreservation of bovine semen, the same ones that I will apply in my postgraduate studies at UNTRM," said Yander Mávila.

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