Professor of the Professional School of Communication Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the UNTRM, Mg. Oscar Federico Guerrero Bojórquez presents the international magazine "MIR" to the university community.

The Magazine specializes in the dissemination of journalistic materials of a cultural nature and has the objective of filling the gap left by the press, in terms of the treatment of the most varied cultural manifestations.

The publication, in digital format, has monthly periodicity and brings together a national and international journalistic collective that also seeks to accommodate the creative talent scattered in the five continents, the same that has inspired many generations at the time to find his true vocation.

Literature, art, music, dances, carnival, sculpture, cinema, creativity, theatre, traditions, philosophy, reading, journalism, science, poetry, among other areas are approached in different genres of interpretation and opinion with a critical sense and humanistic orientation.

Being close to the sixth issue of "MIR" we advocate for your task of imparting culture and raising awareness in society continue on the path of success. We expect the rapid positioning in the virtual space, convinced that intellectual contributions only make people stronger.

Review the magazine in the following link: www.culturamir.com

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