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After a demanding process of evaluation, the Consortium of Economic and Social Research - CIES, in its General Assembly held on November 23, agreed, unanimously, to incorporate the National University Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza de Amazonas - UNTRM to this very important body.

This great achievement will allow the UNTRM to strengthen its capacities, since it will be able to participate in workshops, courses and funds for projects and research in networks, together with leading institutions at a national and international level.

The University was represented by Mg. Wagner Guzman Castillo, professor of the UNTRM, who sustentation, in a forceful way, the reasons for the incorporation of the UNTRM into CIES.

CIES is the leading organization in Peru, that includes 48 institutions with the highest levels and that promote teaching and research in economic, social and environmental issues.

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