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The purpose of this meeting is to initiate Inter-institutional Cooperation links between the Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza of Amazonas (UNTRM) and the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Perú (PUCP).

Dr. Policarpio Chauca Valqui, President of the UNTRM met with the Academic Vice-President of the PUCP, Dr. Efraín Gonzáles de Olarte and the executives of the PUCP in order to establish joint actions for the institutional link and participate in the competing funds for Research projects.

Another of the points covered, is the strengthening of capacities in the UNTRM through the innovation and entrepreneurship programs that has the PUCP.

The meeting was attended by Domingo González, Eduardo Ismodes and Emilio Díaz, from the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneur Development by the PUCP; the Director of Administration, William Bardales and the Director of Technical Cooperation and International Relations, Carlos Poémape, accompanied the President of UNTRM.

It is important to highlight the active participation of Congresswoman Marita Herrera, who showed her interest in the development and entrepreneurship of the inhabitants of the Amazonas region.

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