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In order to strengthen their knowledge, learn about experiences, models and mitigation strategies to cope with climate change in relation to livestock, professors Ms.C Héctor V. Vásquez Pérez and Wilmer Bernal are doing training in "Livestock and Climate Change."

Currently they are completing the second phase of training at the Basque Center for Climate Change (bc3) of the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain, institution led by Ph.D. Maria Josef Sáenz and Ph.D. Agustín del Prado, renowned scientists in Livestock and Climate Change.

The Basque Center for Climate Change has a group of researchers from different institutions, scientific networks and socioeconomic agents from different parts of the world, who are developing new technologies, thematic biome models, and analysis of the life cycle of agroindustrial processing products to design and implement policies for sustainable development.

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