10 July 2023

To establish agreements and strengthen international academic and scientific cooperation to promote undergraduate, Master and Doctoral programs, the President of the Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza de Amazonas - UNTRM, Dr Jorge Luis Maicelo Quintana, and the Dean of the Facultad...

03 July 2023

Within the framework of the execution of Project CUI No. 2314883: "CEINCAFÉ", the INDES-CES of the UNTRM, in joint work agreements with 7 coffee growers from the Amazonas Region, implemented demonstration plots in the districts of Chiliquín, Huambo, Lonya Grande, Pisuquia, Providencia, San...

29 June 2023

An exciting scientific finding has been made in the "Pampa del Burro" Private Conservation Area, located in the Perla del Imaza peasant community, Yambrasbamba district, Bongará province, Amazonas region. Researchers from the Toribio Rodríguez de Mendoza National University of Amazonas (UNTRM) and...

23 March 2018

In order to strengthen their knowledge, learn about experiences, models and mitigation strategies to cope with climate change in relation to livestock, professors Ms.C Héctor V. Vásquez Pérez and Wilmer Bernal are doing training in "Livestock and Climate Change."


Laboratorio de Investigación en Suelos y Aguas - LABISAG

Primera edición del Awtakuna Raymi

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