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For the purpose to establish academic and research relations with the departments of Animal Nutrition, Crops and Soil, Agroecology, Forestry, Pastures and Forages and Biotechnology, the Dean of the Faculty of Zootechnology, Agribusiness and Biotechnology of the Universidad Nacional Toribio Rodriguez de Mendoza de Amazonas, Mg. Héctor Vásquez Pérez, is located in North Carolina State University, USA.

As part of this visit, the Professor will also receive training in management of pastoral, pasture and forage conservation systems; for this purpose, work meetings were established in order to schedule joint actions in the framework of the elaboration of research projects and exchanges of teaching researchers, students of pre and postgraduate studies.

This important meeting allowed the presentation of the activities conducted by the UNTRM, in which participated the Director of CALS International Programs Jose Cisneros, Miguel Castillo (Forage Program); Peter Ferket (Poultry Prestage); Susana Milla-Lewis (Turfgrass Breeding and Genetics); Michelle Schroeder-Moreno (Agroecology); Christie Almeyda Becerra (Plant Breeding) and Frederick Cubbage (Forestry and Environmental Resources).

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